Sunday, September 4, 2016

Howdy Mi Skiers! - MI XC Ski!

Welcome to Just-Plain-Fun Skiing! We live in Michigan, but the fun, skills and gear we promote is great anywhere there's snow!

We’re about the whole wide world of snowplay. We're into the diverse skiing that's just out the back door in snow country. We promote a wide range of gear and techniques. For a wide range of fun! 

This is mostly trail skiing, ungroomed. ...With picnics! But we also enjoy groomed skiing. And BC tele turns in the trees with uptracks. Lifts can be fun, too. 

Our scene is a big tent. Comparing it to biking, we're pushing the mt-biking side. But we also love road riding and touring. The ski establishment, however, mostly promotes the roadies. Groomed skiing gets what little encouragement we see -- that's for the "roadies." Most of the world is just plain snow. And trails. We love trails. We say: wherever there's snow, ski it! If you see a trail, ski it! You don't need to drive for fun skiing and great scenery. ...Ski what ya ride! If you love your trails in the summer, they're still there for you in the winter! Only all new and different. Trails are great for beginners, but trails can also encourage far more skill compared to groomed skiing. It's all good, but we're the only folks promoting the new/old world of TRAIL SKIING! 

If you live near a groomed course -- play there, too. Enjoy! But mix it up and play on ALL your local snow! Usually a groomed course won't be nearly as scenic, challenging, or as personal as your local TRAILS.

If you live near forested slopes, go earn your turns and ski some trees and make a nice uptrack and enjoy a morning. ...Or use the gear that lets you enjoy both trail fun and turning! 

Modern ski-gear loves all the snow! Use your skis to be all they can be! ...Join the fun!

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